Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

When we focus on ourselves – ‘attention on you’ - fear can set in and prevent us from fulfilling our potential. When we focus on what we want to achieve or how we can be in service of others- ‘attention on others’ - fear becomes more of a minor emotion making it feel easier to take action or move forward.

Fear has the power to change our psychology and draw our attention inwards, which causes us to mostly focus on ourselves – what will they think of ME?  What if I fail? I’M not good at that.  Notice the common theme there is “I”.

Some other common examples of when fear can creep in:

  • Public speaking – everyone’s judging ME.
  • Making a prospecting or sales call – They might reject ME and say no.
  • Joining a group activity – I might embarrass MYSELF.
  • Writing a blog or newsletter – What will people think of MY work?

All of these feelings are once again, attention in.  If we break fear down with honesty, we’ll find that when we’re experiencing fear that’s causing us to ‘flight’ rather than stay and ‘fight’ we’re actually in a self-centred state.  Fear is hard-wired into all of us, but by breaking it down and examining where the fear is coming from, it allows us to understand our feelings and to manage them.

We can solve the problem of fear when delivering our message or offering our services by switching our mind to be in our highest state of service.  This will then transform our fear from a barrier to a super-power.  You’ll more than likely still feel the fear and the tummy churning may still be there but with our new mindset we can now use that feeling as a driver that helps us to achieve our mission.