Energy Management Trumps Time Management!

As a working Mum your work day begins from the moment you wake up and it usually doesn’t end until your head hits the pillow each night.  Understanding your energy, how to create it and how to sustain it throughout the day is key to changing your days from just surviving to happily thriving!

If you break it down you could say working Mums work three shifts each day - the morning shift, the day shift and the evening shift and every shift requires plenty of energy!  How many times have you heard, “you just need better time management”? Well as we know, when you’re tired and overwhelmed it doesn’t matter how much “time management” you implement it doesn’t help you improve your energy levels! 

Throughout the day you have different energy zones.  We’re either spending energy - high to medium zone, or we’re renewing energy - moderate to low zone.  

Morning- ‘spending energy zone’ - this is the perfect time for exercising, creating and doing high priority tasks in your business as your mental alertness and energy is high.  A healthy breakfast is essential for high energy.

Late morning - ‘spending energy zone’ – To ensure your energy level does remain high, you will need to keep your blood sugar level stable by having a healthy mid morning fresh food snack.

Mid afternoon - ‘renewing energy zone’ - You will be digesting your lunch so expect your energy levels to be at more of a moderate level.  A perfect time to do routine tasks not requiring high level focus and energy.  

Late afternoon - ‘spending energy zone’ - A suitable time for sales meetings or higher concentration tasks.  A healthy afternoon fresh food snack will maintain your blood sugar levels which means higher energy and a more efficient metabolism.

Evening - ‘renewing energy zone’ – Mums don’t usually get to stop during the ‘evening shift’, but if you’ve managed your energy throughout the day, fed your body with healthy foods and stayed hydrated by drinking plenty of water, there should be enough energy left at this time for the home duties with the kids and your partner. A healthy dinner will help you to recover from the energy spent during the day and also help you to sleep well.  

Sleep  - ‘renewing energy zone’ - The time that our body recovers and repairs, so avoid late nights.

Knowing your energy zones and how to best fuel your body will give you the best results both physically and mentally.  When you master your energy management you will double or even triple your productivity, positivity and personal satisfaction and your happiness at work and at home will soar!

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on your energy management.