Finding Your Motivation Mojo

Human motivation has been a subject of research by psychologists for many years.  It’s been found that a person’s psychology of motivation is dominated by freedom or fear. 

We can choose the path of freedom, which will take us to our desired destination, or we can be halted by fear which takes us into behaviours of procrastination, excuses or struggle which will more than likely leave us with regret.

At times when you feel you have no motivation, keep the following things in mind.

Our brain can’t handle big, long-term goals; we’re not wired that way.  People feel more motivated and will work harder for multiple smaller goals.  Research shows that incentives and rewards will also make us work harder. 

For improved motivation in achieving goals or tasks, be it a big business goal or a smaller personal goal like getting out of bed in the morning to exercise, follow this advice: 

1.  Set a series of small achievable goals or tasks (make them ‘bite size’).

2.  Add a reward system that’s linked to your goals or tasks.

3.  Believe that you can achieve what you’re aiming for.

4.  Be VERY clear about your reason WHY you want this.

5.  Make it personal – find what gets you pumped.

6.  Sign a contract with yourself or a mentor.

7.  Recruit your own cheer squad – a friend or mentor will keep you accountable.

Having clarity about your reason WHY will have a big influence on your motivation, so don’t skip this step.  If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want and WHY you want it, then your motivation will be lacking.

You may not find your mojo overnight, but it will happen.  Just stay the course.