The Real Threat

If you watch or listen to the news then you’d be aware of the daily reports on what the media tell us to be the latest threats to our lives.

Ebola, is the latest example. There’s been no incidence of it in Australia, yet due to the coverage given by the media it’s got everyone’s attention and some people are running scared – even though there is no immediate threat.

A threat for everyone that is actually more real and ever present is an unhealthy lifestyle. 

95% of chronic disease is environmental and lifestyle related.  These diseases are not inevitable with old age, you don’t catch them and they’re not hereditary.  The majority of disease can be attributed to the lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis so there are opportunities for prevention.

There is a great deal of attention given to curing disease, yet there is very little education or publicity about prevention.  We all know the saying “prevention is better than cure” but there seems to be little faith in that theory.

The Australian Cancer Council reports that 350 people per day are diagnosed with cancer.  The Heart Foundation reports that heart disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 280 people are diagnosed every day with Type 2 Diabetes – that’s 11 people every hour.  67% of Australians are overweight or obese – both contributing factors to an increased risk of disease.

Denial, complacency and acceptance need to be replaced with education, awareness and action. 

Regular exercise, a healthy diet that’s high in plant foods and lowering your stress levels are the actions to take for disease-proofing your life.  These are simple actions that need to be a priority and practiced consistently.

There’s lots of help available you just need to get started.