A New Year, A New Life!

New Year New You is a headline that gets wheeled out at the beginning of a new year – year after year!  Despite it’s yearly repetition, this is one headline that I never get sick of hearing.  

 The end of a year brings a time of reflection with anticipation for the year ahead.  There’s an air of excitement almost like it’s all been a dress rehearsal and come January is your opportunity to take to the stage for the next scene of the improved performance.

 It’s a perfect time to take advantage of new motivation and in fact I think we can take this one step further and see it as an opportunity to create your new life or at least a new phase in your life.

 The way I see it, us humans have got things around the wrong way.  There’s a negativity associated with ageing, however with age also comes growth in personal development, experience and wisdom.  So like a fine wine we should see ourselves as improving with age, not declining, and a new year is a perfect time for planning new growth and new beginnings.

 For individuals, it’s a time of reflection and decision-making for the year ahead.  Where were you this time last year?  Did you follow through on all the promises, dreams or resolutions you made for yourself?  Were you a participant in fulfilling last year’s desires or just a spectator letting the year pass you by? 

 For business it’s an opportune time when customers are forgiving of change and have even come to expect it.  So seize that opportunity!   Implement new ideas, repeat and improve on the things that worked previously, take risks, complete a new SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats) analysis.  Set new business goals and targets, followed-up with a solid strategic plan to ensure sustainability and growth.   Develop your burning desire and take action like never before.

 Each area of life affects the other - health and wellness, family and relationships, business and career. They’re all inter-connected so take each are into consideration when planning, because when one of these areas falls down the others will most definitely be affected.

 Make changes for the new year.  Change may seem hard but psychologically it’s the easiest time to do so.  Be serious about your decisions and write them down.  Record your activity and your achievements to help with your motivation.

 Let me know if I can assist you in your new year new life adventure.  I’m in your corner.