The Simple Act Of Exercise

We all know we should exercise but did you realise that being physically active is the most important thing that you can do to improve or maintain your health?

Regular exercise has benefits that extend beyond weight loss.  Of course weight loss is one of the great benefits but there are many others that will improve your quality of life and longevity.

Stress-related disease such as insomnia, heart disease increased blood pressure and depression have all shown improvement with a simple act of regular exercise.  

When you exercise your body releases great ‘feel good’ hormones called “endorphins”.  Endorphins are like a natural morphine that have you feeling like a coiled spring, full of energy and ready to leap into action.  Not only will the exercise endorphins have you charged up like an energiser bunny, your mind will be charged up too.  You’ll find you have ideas popping out of nowhere, you’ll be ultra productive and your self-confidence will soar.

Research on the best time of day to exercise is limited and inconclusive. What we do know for sure is that actually doing it is best!  So plan a schedule that best suits your lifestyle and as they say, “just do it”!

If you exercise first thing in the morning, your day will always start on a positive note.  Because of the hormonal response you’ve just created, you’ll turn up happier and more positive to whatever you’ve got planned.  You’ll have reduced stress and anxiety with a ‘clearer head’ and in more control to make better decisions.  And don’t forget the added benefit of a revved-up metabolism.  

I personally love exercising first thing in the morning.  My day is always better, I’ve got a much more positive and clearer headspace, I’m pumped with energy, my mind is bursting with ideas and I get more done.  My clients also then get the benefit of a better version of me.

If you exercise in the evening you’ll still get that same great hormonal response.  You’ll turn up more happy and positive to the family at home, de-stress after a day at work, have a revved-up metabolism ready for a nutritious dinner and in most cases you’ll sleep well.  For some people evening exercise is too energising and can keep you awake so determining your best exercise time may take a bit of experimenting.

The key to having exercise improve your quality of life is to keep it consistent.  So rain, hail or shine - even in Winter, stick to your plan and you’ll see and feel the fruits of your labour.

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