Let Go Of The Stuff

Our culture, our experiences and even our family can contribute to creating fears and limitations that can hold us back from what we truly want. These circumstances or experiences can prevent us from personal growth and influence our happiness. 

One of the things that can hold you back is a lack of vision.  Having a clear picture in your mind’s eye about what you desire and what makes you truly happy can be the catalyst in making a difference in getting what you want and the life that you truly want to live.

Everyone has his or her own negative beliefs.  The key to letting go of those beliefs and thoughts is to first acknowledge and recognise what they are.  After all, they are only thoughts and they may have no basis in reality. Often the fears and thoughts that hold us back exist only in our own minds. 

Take the first step to letting go of the ‘stuff’ by making a decision to change.  It might feel uncomfortable at first but once the decision is made and you’ve enlisted the right help to get you to where you want to be, the discomfort will eventually change from a road full of potholes to a smoother highway as you continue your journey.

You’ll then have to be vigilant and continue to recognise when those false beliefs and irrational thoughts and fears arise.  Recognise them for what they are and don’t allow them to prevent you from doing what you truly desire.

Remember you don't have to do this on your own.  Enlist some support to ensure you progress and make the change a permanent one.

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Keep Fit, Be Healthy, Have FUN!