What’s Your Why?

Have you ever wanted something really badly but you didn’t get the outcome you’d hoped for?   Maybe you wanted a new job, new relationship, new lifestyle change but didn’t really believe you could ever make it happen?
Well you can stop telling yourself it’s because you’re a failure (I know what those little voices inside your head are saying).  Part of the frustration could be that your goal is irrational or unrealistic, or maybe it’s as simple as not having a good enough reason “why”!

For example, let’s say your goal is to lose weight. I know the reason “why” sounds like it would be obvious, however it needs to be a specific, strong desire that becomes your drive for going for what you want. You then need to write that reason down and read it daily as a reminder of how important your weight loss goal is to you.  The same goes for any of your goals no matter what they may be. 

Knowing your reason “why” has the power to flick your mind over into a positive action state of thinking. It’s crucial to know exactly what you truly dream of and ‘why’. Otherwise what’s going to keep you motivated and on the right path?

Anytime you consider straying off track, just remind yourself of your reason ‘why’ and it will bring back your unrelenting focus for what you truly desire, just like flicking a switch.
A strong reason ‘why’ helps you to take action no matter what your emotional state, physical state or financial state.

I’ve worked closely with people for over 10 years helping them to identify their ‘why’.  Dream, plan then act. You’ll be surprised how easily you’ll get what you want.
Love to hear your thoughts - Has there been times you've struggled with getting the desired outcome you wanted?