Another Lesson Learnt!

I remember thinking as a young child that you learnt everything you needed to know at school and then once you became an adult you just knew everything you needed to know. Oh how wrong was I!

I now know that certainly isn’t the case and that even in my 40s there’s still so much for me to learn.

Science has proven that our mind has the capability to grow and this is done by feeding it with information, but not just any information of course. Like the food we eat we want it to be of good quality that will nourish us in a positive way.

However some of this information doesn’t always come to us in a nice little package or in an education facility.  Some of the lessons we learn come from our mistakes or failures – aka life lessons.  When we look at the beauty of these situations - and there’s always beauty to be found - they can often be some of our most valuable lessons.

I’ve spent plenty of time in my life beating myself up over things that have gone wrong or things that I’ve gotten wrong and I know I’m not alone in doing that.  Some of us feel the need to hold perfectionism as a standard or we like to think we know it all, but it’s to our own detriment.  There is no such thing as perfect and therefore no such standard exists.

If we were to enter every situation with a mindset of ‘what can I learn from this’, imagine how different the outcome of the experience of that situation might be.

The way I see it is that our mind is like a library holding a series of books and for every lesson learnt we add another short story to the library.  They may not always be lessons we want to learn or thought we had to learn, but we got the lesson anyway.

How’s your mind library looking?