Maintain Your Momentum!

When I started my first business one of my many fears was around the cycle of attracting clients, providing a valuable service to those clients and then attracting more clients so that the business would grow.   How would I keep up the pace and momentum once I got started?

I soon learned there is no ‘one simple trick’, but there are a number of foundational ‘tools’ that contribute to building and maintaining the momentum required for success and sustainability in business.

Hindsight and experience have taught me many things but one of the most important lessons is that clarity of vision is essential.  Clearly seeing the bigger picture of where you want to go forms the basis for your momentum.  The focus and energy you give to that vision will then determine your business growth.

Goals are another foundational tool. They are your stepping-stones to success that will keep you focused on your strong sense of purpose and your original inspiration for your business.  Goals keep you on target and prevent you from getting stuck in the daily grind that can hold you back and distract your focus.  If you’re not setting targets, then how do you know what you’re aiming for?

Setting up your foundational tools forms the strong base on which to build your empire.  Surrounding yourself with the right people will then support you in keeping your vision alive.  Work with people you like in your business and also create a support network for yourself outside of the business. Enlisting a trusted mentor has been my most valuable investment for growth for my businesses and my own personal development. 

Maintaining momentum is essential for driving business growth.  Build your foundational tool kit, focus your energy and create the right support systems.