Let Food Be Thy Medicine

I met with Liz, one of my very special mentoring clients this week and what Liz shared with me was so powerful that I had to write about it to share her life-changing experience. 

Liz is a married mother of three boys.  Along with running a busy household, Liz is in the middle of completing a University degree, renovating her home and has a very full lifestyle. When Liz started her mentoring program she was highly stressed, unhappy and felt that she was even close to some sort of breakdown. 

Liz started by following a personalised nutrition plan that I set for her.  She also implemented strategies to help with her efficiency in food preparation to ensure she has enough time to cook nutritious meals for every day of the week. 

Through making changes to her daily diet and incorporating some lifestyle strategies aimed at helping with her health, fitness, mental wellness and productivity, Liz has experienced a life-changing shift.

In only two months, Liz’s emotional state is completely stable, stress levels are under control, she feels energised and her health status has improved dramatically. She’s also dropped a dress size.

These changes have not only transformed Liz’s life but the lives of her family as well.  Her sons are enjoying the healthy, delicious meals and so is her husband.  In fact Liz’s husband, who had a pre-existing medical condition, has improved his health status as well which even surprised his Doctor.

Of the top 10 causes of death in Australia, eight are lifestyle related.  Disease as you age is not inevitable - It’s preventable.

Food has the power to change your health and thereby your life - either for the better or the worse, depending on your choices.  In as little as two days your nutritional intake can change your health and have an enormous impact on your future.

This is too powerful to ignore.  Changing what you eat can transform your life... for you and your loved ones.