Life Can Change In An Instant

It was on the way to the hospital that it hit me.  People die from falling down the stairs.  Up until that point I didn’t think that my Dad’s injuries would be anything too major.

I then asked the question to the universe “is my Dad going to be ok?”  The answer was no.  I didn’t want to hear or believe that answer, but something was telling me that my Dad wouldn’t be coming home again.

With each examination by various doctors, their answer was also the same.  Two broken vertebrae and spinal cord damage that was beyond recovery.  The damage left his entire body paralysed and he was no longer able to breathe on his own.

Life can change in an instant.

My Dad became conscious again around 24 hours after falling. He woke to find himself in a hospital bed unable to move, speak or breathe without the assistance of a respirator.  All he was able to do was look and listen as the doctor explained his situation to him.  He then had to make the decision about whether he wanted the life support to keep him alive or whether he wanted it to be removed allowing him to die.

What happened over those couple of days felt beyond cruel and unfair, yet at the same time there was much to be grateful for.

Many people don’t get the opportunity for a last chance to say goodbye.

My Mum, my brothers and sister and I, our partners, our children and Dad’s own brother and sister and their partners were all given the gift of being able to talk to Dad and tell him all of the things that we felt we needed to say before he left us. 

After initially learning my Dad’s fate, my heart and soul were screaming in pain yet at the same time I had a parallel sense that was saying evolution.   Ready or not, it’s now time for change.

Through this time of my continual evolution, I know I will learn and grow.  It will take time and I’ll encounter resistance and pain. I’ll seek help along the way from my friends and mentors.  Something that’s already been highlighted is how much easier the journey is with the help of others.

Our time to live is now.  Tell those you care about how much you love and appreciate them, take that holiday you keep putting off, phone a friend to ask them how they are, take photos and videos and create wonderful future memories by living the life you dream of.

Life is ever-changing and it can change in an instant.