Lesley is an engaging and humorous Keynote Speaker.  She delivers her message with high energy and her enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. 

Lesley has worked closely with individuals and businesses who have received the benefit of her years of experience as she’s helped them to achieve success.

Lesley has a great passion for helping people to make positive change in their lives and she is an expert in her field.  She inspires audiences and motivates people into action, whether it’s as individuals or as a team.

With Lesley, you’ll walk away with plenty of practical information and solutions.

1. Keynote:   Mind-Ability

Master your mindset, mentally condition yourself for peak performance and live a life that you love.

In this keynote, Lesley shares with you how to put yourself in the drivers seat and live an extraordinary life that you love - on your terms. You will learn step-by-step how to take yourself from surviving day-to-day to thriving and living your ultimate, authentic life!




2. Keynote:  Love Your Guts!   

The biggest impact on your quality of life is your health.  So why do daily health practices end up so low down on the priority list?  Your gut, also known as the second brain, influences your mental health, physical health, immunity and much more.  Lesley’s presentation will show you the life-changing results she’s helped people to achieve and how you can achieve them too.  Myths will be dispelled, untruths uncovered and you’ll leave armed with the knowledge of how to turn your body into a disease-preventing, fat melting furnace... even while you sleep.   Find out the facts in this refreshing and research-based keynote.

Fit For Business.png

3. Workshop:  Fit For Business

Turning an idea or a dream for a business into reality can be daunting.  Or maybe you're already in business but you're not experiencing the growth and profits you expected.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn the fundamentals on how to create 'business vitality' so that you're fit for business, fit for profit and fit for sustainability - without burning out.

 Organisations Lesley has worked with:

  • ABC Business Clubs
  • AWX Partners In People
  • Stockland
  • Kenmore Chamber of Commerce
  • Century 21 Real Estate
  • Nanette Lilley Property Agents