Step Out Of Your Small Mind!

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done every day.  As a parent we can get bogged down in household chores and the day to day needs of our kids. As business owners it’s the admin tasks, the daily ‘small fires’ that need extinguishing, the endless bookkeeping and paperwork. Urrgh!. 

Operating in your small mind day after day can become like groundhog day. The repetitive and often mundane tasks, although necessary, can chip away at your motivation, your passion and eventually the potential of your greater vision and what you’re really trying to achieve. It can wear you down and eventually you may become a victim of your small mind.  

Your small mind is also where comparison with others and worry of what others think of you occurs – both detrimental to growth and development.

Although many of the everyday tasks are necessary it’s essential that we balance our time with big picture activities as well.  

Put yourself into environments of growth and potential by surrounding yourself with people and resources that encourage and inspire your mind to view the bigger picture. Do this regularly as it will help you to create a new reality. Eventually this will become a place where your mind mostly lives allowing your greater vision to flourish.

Here’s seven strategies that will help you to step out of your small mind and see the bigger picture.

1.    Look at your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and decide what you can streamline, what you can delegate and what you can dump.
2.    Create systems and automate as many tasks as possible.
3.    Block out times in your week to think, create and meditate.
4.    Schedule in times for reading and watching videos of content relevant to your greater vision.
5.    Mix with other people who will inspire you and influence you to grow.
6.    Engage a mentor.  If you’re in business, you’re doing it tougher without the support of a mentor or coach.
7.    Spend time with people that have their own greater vision and will hold you to yours.

Implement some or all of these and let me know how they have helped you.